Everyone Went As Ryan Lochte For Halloween

We see your Hillarys. We see your Harley Quinns. And boy, oh boy, have we seen your Ryan Lochtes.

The Olympic swimmer, Rio bad boy, and Dancing with the Stars contestant proved to be a popular choice this Halloween season. Both Nina Dobrev and Taylor Lautner dressed up as Lochte for parties over the weekend, which means supplies of silver hair dye and swim goggles must be low.

Here's Lautner suited up in an Olympic track suit and a stack of medals.

"When you think you have a chance but Phelps wins again," he captioned the photo, throwing some shade Lochte's way.

When you think you have a chance but Phelps wins again.. ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ…

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Dobrev, meanwhile, opted for a fake muscle shirt and swim trunks.

"Had a blast in Rio. Oh, and we also won some gold medals," she quipped as she posed with a pal dressed as swimmer Jimmy Feigen.
Then there's that awkward moment when you run into someone wearing the exact same costume.

To answer Dobrev's question: You can never have enough faux Ryan Lochtes. Real Ryan Lochtes? Well...

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