Watch THAT Infamous Walking Dead Scene, Recreated With Legos

When The Walking Dead returned for its season 7 premiere last Sunday, long-running speculation over who, exactly, Negan was going to so brutally kill was finally put to rest. (If you are one of the few who still, somehow, remains unaware of his ultimate choice in victim, consider yourself hereby officially warned that there are spoilers ahead.) Longtime fan-favorite Glenn Rhee met the blunt end of Negan’s barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat, uttering an enigmatic final phrase and so breaking the hearts of loyal viewers that one newspaper went so far as to publish a hilarious obituary for the beloved character. A dedicated fan even compiled all of the best and most hysterical reactions to Glenn's death. Now, one particularly ambitious Walking Dead devotee has gone so far as to recreate the violent scene using Legos. It turns out, the sequence is just as bloody when told in Lego form. It might even still make you cry.
But before you decide to hate Jeffrey Dean Morgan forever, just let us remind you of one thing: he owns a candy store with Paul Rudd, and therefore, cannot be all bad. His character, Negan, on the other hand? Unarguably an unrepentant, ruthless dictator. Feel free to aim your hatred in his direction.

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