Here’s One Good Reason For Walking Dead Fans To Love Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan is the latest big bad in a series that takes the end of the world as its subject. He's obviously not as evil as the man who freed Glenn's brain from his skull via baseball bat. He's even gone so far as to call his character a dictator. Maybe he's just trying to help himself from slipping into Joffrey-like ignominy. But as much as we hate his on-screen persona, we can't help but love Morgan off-screen. For example: Did you know he owns a candy store, Samuel's Sweet Shop, with Paul Rudd? He does. He told Stephen Colbert all about it. Morgan and Rudd bought the store after Morgan moved to Rhinebeck, New York. The pair and former shop owner Ira Gatner became fast friends before Gatner's death a few years ago. So they bought the store to keep Gatner's legacy alive. That's like a Pixar movie on the adorable scale. "We just didn't want it to turn into a smoothie stand or something," Morgan said. That's right, Jeffrey. Screw smoothies. (Kidding, please send us smoothies. And candy. We're very hungry.)

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