This The Walking Dead Reaction Video Will Leave You Hysterical

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC.
Raise your hand if you audibly gasped during THAT scene in The Walking Dead season 7 premiere last Sunday. In case you're one of the three people that are unaware who Negan's victim was in the premiere episode, I'll say this: SPOILERS AHEAD. Now that that's over with.

Can you believe Glenn is gone
? It still gives me chills. His legacy as a character and as an actor will live on for many seasons to come. We knew someone big had to die, but we never thought it would be Glenn. If you were totally floored by the scene, then you were in good company. One YouTube account has compiled all of the best and most hysterical reactions to Glenn's violent death. Some are hilarious and others pissed. There's screaming, eye-covering, and near fainting. In other words, it's an accurate representation of day in the life of a Walking Dead fan. Check it out!

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