Did Reddit Just Figure Out Who Dies On The Walking Dead Premiere?

Ever since Negan swung his bat Lucy and killed off an unknown Walking Dead character, fans have been trying to figure out who won't make it to this month's season premiere. Some observant fans on Reddit have a probable theory based on a new sneak preview released by AMC. On Saturday, the network posted a special clip of the moments immediately following the unknown character's death. The clip was released after the show's New York City Comic Con presentation, according to PerezHilton. The footage doesn't show much — Negan taunts Rick, who is still alive — but it does give a few key clues. In the sneak preview, Rick tells Negan he wants to kill the bat-wielding menace. In reply, Negan delivers an arrogant monologue about "right hand men." Rick listens to him, and has a splatter of (ostensibly fresh) blood on his face. Fans say the blood is from Negan's kill, and that the victim must have been to the right of Rick in the lineup.
On Reddit, some fans weren't as convinced. "It does look more like a smear. I think someone mentioned above that maybe Negan smeared it on Rick's face?" asked ConfessorK. Smear or splatter? We'll have to wait until the season premiere on October 23 to see whose brain matter ends up on Lucy, but Abraham seems like a pretty solid guess. Watch the full clip, below.

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