These Are The “Sexiest” Halloween Costumes Of 2016

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On any given Halloween night, you're likely to see a pretty good mix of people dressed as "sexy" nurses or cats (with the occasional mouse). And given how popular Harley Quinn has been of late, it'd be pretty surprising if she wasn't among the most popular costumes this year. In fact, if Pornhub's insights are anything to go by, Harley might just beat out nurses as the most popular costume of 2016. According to data on Pornhub's most popular costume/cosplay searches, Harley Quinn is this year's "sexiest" Halloween costume. Sure, Suicide Squad wasn't every critic's favorite, but it seems to have triggered a surge in popularity for Harley Quinn-inspired porn. The character was the most popular costume-related search in September and October. But if you're looking for an alluring costume and Harley's not your thing, here's the rest of the top-10 list of "sexiest" costumes, according to Pornhub: 1. Harley Quinn
2. Nurse
3. Cop/Police
4. Cat
5. Batman
6. Superhero
7. Wonder Woman
8. Tracer
9. Vampire
10. Lara Croft You can see the full list here. Beyond the top-10 spots, superhero-related porn as a category seems to have remained a crowd-pleaser, with characters like Captain America, Batgirl, and Black Widow also proving to be popular in the two months before Halloween. So what does this all mean for your Halloween costume? Well, if you're looking for a Halloween hookup, these costumes might just help you catch someone's eye. Of course, that's not to say that you need to go planning your costume around attracting someone else. It just means that if you happen to go home with someone on Halloween night, you might, in part, have that Harley costume to thank.

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