These Makeup-Themed Cakes Circulating The Internet Are Making Us Hungry

The line between the cosmetics and culinary worlds has always been a bit blurry — both deliver multi-sensory experiences, and we'd be lying if we said we've never used food for beauty purposes. (In fact, the Today show staff once used food to apply their makeup.) These days, you can even buy mouthwatering eyeshadow palettes that smell like peanut butter and jelly or funfetti cake. And now, there are makeup-shaped birthday cakes. As PopSugar reported, there was a post on Reddit featuring an incredibly realistic-looking makeup-kit-themed confection, which grabbed the attention of beauty (and dessert) aficionados. As it turns out, cakes like this are all over Instagram. They exist in the form of Naked palettes, MAC lipsticks, and even a large Sephora bag. All of which leads us to believe there's a whole new type of cakey makeup — and it looks delicious. Check out a few of the creations, below:

Urban decay cake! #makeup #urbandecaycake #queerascake

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#makeup #makeupcake #birthdaygirl #niece #fondant #fondantcake #cakedesign #cakestagram

A photo posted by Suzana Čančarević (@suzys_cakes) on

#sephoracake #makeupcake #sephora

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Now, how about taking it to the next level with a makeup palette that you can actually eat? One can only hope.

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