The Paris Police Chief Had No Idea Who Kim Kardashian Was

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
We now know the one person not clued in on Kim Kardashian's identity.

According to Vanity Fair's report on Kardashian's Paris robbery, the K tribe wasn't on everyone's radar. One person completely unaware of Kardashian? Paris police chief Christian Sainte, who, according to the report, needed Google to identify Kim K.

Thanks to the internet, Sainte's ignorance didn't last long. "I quickly understood who she is,” said Sainte upon typing Kardashian's name into the search engine. The massive amounts of Kardashian info available via the internet schooled him in all things Kardashian: "[Now] I know almost everything about her."

If you live in a world where the name Kardashian (or, adjacently, Jenner) appears splashed across magazine covers, homepages, and advertisements, it's hard to believe that Sainte would have no clue who the media mogul is. Clearly things are different in Paris — or maybe Sainte's Paris address is located underneath a rock. Either way, there's no way Sainte will go back to being in the dark about the significance of the Kardashian name now.

That's a good thing, considering that it's on Sainte and his team to find the culprits behind Kardashian's robbery. The burglars, who reportedly held Kardashian at gunpoint before stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry and other items from her luxury hotel room, were spotted on security camera footage escaping Kardashian's hotel. The footage is seemingly promising, but so far, no arrests in the case have been made.

Sainte may not have known who Kardashian was, but he did assure the public of one thing: that Kardashian wasn't lying about the robbery, like some conspiracy theorists believed.

"At this time, there is no doubt about the reality of the crime," Sainte told Vanity Fair. Hopefully the words from someone who isn't a Kardashi-fan resonates with all the skeptics out there.

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