Ariel Winter Takes Down Donald Trump’s Body-Shaming Comments

Photo: Amy Graves/WireImage.
Many have pointed out that Donald Trump's objectification of women not only reflects poorly on him, but could also have grave consequences for women and girls. Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, for one, is having none of Trump's body shaming. "I think it’s really disappointing that we’ve made so many strides towards promoting body positivity for women, and for men, and for empowering women, and he really kind of just tears it all down," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I think it’s really disappointing that he’s made it this far — that he is a presidential candidate, and this is possibly the person who will be representing the United States." She told ET in another interview that she wasn't thrilled with either presidential candidate, but is especially opposed to Trump. "I absolutely hate Donald Trump," she said.
Unfortunately, Winter knows firsthand what it's like to be at the receiving end of words like Trump's. She's dealt with body-image issues herself and faced plenty of body-shaming as a celebrity on social media. Winter isn't the only celebrity speaking out against Trump's comments. Khloé Kardashian recently spoke about being body-shamed by Trump himself on Celebrity Apprentice. "It’s not cool or appropriate for any person, male or female, to judge someone else by their looks," she said. After Trump's Access Hollywood tape came out, Amber Tamblyn called out his objectification of women by posting on Instagram about an assault in her own past that mirrored his "grab them by the pussy" comment — and showing why it's not just "locker room talk." "That part of my body, which the current Presidential Nominee of the United States Donald Trump recently described as something he’d like to grab a woman by, was bruised from my ex-boyfriend's violence for at least the next week," she wrote. Lena Dunham also gave her two cents about the tape, tweeting, "We need better lessons for our daughters." Here's hoping that moving forward, the political discourse around women's bodies is more compassionate and humanizing. (Is that too much to ask?)

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