Trump Says He “Didn’t Even Apologize” To Melania Over Sexual Assault Allegations

During the final presidential debate, Donald Trump was predictably defiant when asked again about the numerous women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault and misconduct. How defiant? “I didn’t even apologize to my wife, because I didn’t do anything," he said. But as the Twitterverse was quick to point out that in a televised interview this week, Melania Trump did say that her husband offered her an apology — and that she accepted it — in the wake of the crude comments captured in a now-infamous 2005 recording. In that tape, Trump boasted that thanks to his fame, he could do anything he wants with women, even "grab them by the pussy."
"I accept his apology. I hope the American people will accept it, as well," Melania Trump told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Monday. When it came to those allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, which the GOP nominee has vehemently denied, Melania Trump said the accusers "don't have any facts." "I believe my husband," she said in the interview. "This was all organized by the opposition." Trump echoed that approach in the debate on Wednesday, claiming the stories have been "largely debunked" and are "all fiction." He blamed Clinton and her "very sleazy campaign" for planting the stories. Clinton fired back, calling out Trump for belittling of accusers and offensive comments he's made about women and their appearances, as well as other groups. "It’s not just about women," she said. "He never apologizes or says he’s sorry for anything.”
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