30 Sweaters To Cozy Up In This Fall

Making it past the hottest summer on record definitely deserves a treat. And what better way to celebrate than welcoming sweater weather with some new styles to cozy up in? Sweaters might be the only reason we embrace the later months of the year: They're cozy, they're easy, and most of all, they're versatile. And that's what makes the few knits we invest in so worth it. But every time autumn rolls back around, we find ourselves pulling the same pieces out from the depths of our under-bed storage and wearing the same blasé combos. To help a friend out, we're bringing you the ultimate guide to sweater shopping this fall.
From cutouts to cold-weather off-the-shoulder styles, there's an option ahead for everyone. Time to pop on your leggings and settle in with a latte, because things are about to get really comfortable.