This Dog Posing For A Caricature At Disneyland Proves It Really Is The Happiest Place On Earth

Fans know there are a few things you must do when you go to Disneyland. You have to get your name embroidered on some Mickey Mouse ears. Cooling down with a Dole Whip is always on the list, and of course, you must take the time to pose for a caricature by one of the many portrait artists. Even this pooch knows these are all on the Disneyland bucket list.
On Friday, a Twitter user named @cutiechaser_ tweeted a photo of a service dog straight chillin' at the theme park, while a caricaturist sketched him. Upon seeing the photo, the Twitterverse blew up due to cuteness overload. The pic has been retweeted more than 53,000 times and has garnered more than 131,000 Likes. It's no shock the pup, who we now know is named Yahoo, has gotten so much attention. He clearly knows how to do Disneyland right, plus he looks adorable doing it.

According to BuzzFeed News, Yahoo is a service dog in training, and his current volunteer trainer took him to Disneyland as part of his socialization practice. Posing for the caricature was actually an exercise in patience and obedience. Looks like he was doing a great job.

Though Yahoo is not yet fully certified as a service dog, this photo proved he's already helping people out. Many of the retweets of this photo were all about what a mood boost Yahoo's posing skills provided. Take a look.

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