Barack Obama Uses Bully Pulpit To Mercilessly Roast His Daughters

National treasure and humiliating father Barack Obama made history when he used a speech at a high school to mock the texting habits of his daughters and general teens. While wife Michelle is doing good things like sympathizing about heels and hitting the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, Barack has chosen to use the waning days of his presidency to humiliate his family. That's quality dadding. Obama, speaking at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, D.C., did some admirable space work as he pantomimed texting. It's unclear if he was making fun of just his daughter or of teens in general, but he put on quite the performance. He also spoke wistfully of a time in which people had to actually talk to their crushes instead of texting. This is like elite level dadding. This is practically on the level of your dad putting together a playlist of "some pretty sweet jams" and sharing it on Spotify. Or maybe crying in public when describing you moving out of the house. Or, and this is getting wild, describing his high school "choom gang" which is a group of just like, solid dudes, smoking the ganj. Wait, you're telling us Obama has done all three? We're about a year away from Obama's Presidential library requiring sweat pants and some off-white New Balance sneakers for entry. The man is a great dad. Watch below.

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