Bella Thorne’s New Back Tattoo Makes Angelina Jolie’s Look Small

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Move over Miley, Bella Thorne is the latest star who can't be tamed. In September, she revealed a cheeky new tattoo on Snapchat. Then, just this week, she got her septum pierced live on camera — with a hickey on her neck, to boot. What's next? A giant back tattoo that puts Angie's to shame? How'd you guess? In her latest Instagram, Thorne shows off an impressive set of angel wings on her back. The jury is out on whether or not the ink is real, but for the record, we're leaning no. While we wouldn't put the design past Thorne, other recent photos show her in a bikini without the design on her shoulder blades. Plus, parts of it seem curiously faded and scratched out. What's more likely is that she's trying a temporary tat on for size. Either way, we're digging it.

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