Kat Von D Vs. Jeffree Star — & 6 Other Genius Beauty Costumes

Art by Manjit Thrapp.
Halloween holds a special place in the hearts of makeup lovers, mostly because it gives us the opportunity to peacock and show off the skills we studied from Instagram. Major contouring, fake lashes, and liquid lipsticks abound, and we get off sitting in front of the mirror and transforming ourselves into someone else — if only for a night.
But typically, these makeovers reference entertainment or pop culture — not the actual industry we know and love. Not this year. There were so many solid beauty memes and moments that there are almost too many costumes to choose from. Kat Von D and Jeffree Star's infamous beef? Yeah, you can recreate that. That Snapchat filter that makes you look like you have the skin of an baby's ass? Easiest transformation, ever. And who can forget the woman in labor putting on a full face of cosmetics? With a hospital gown and your makeup bag, you're pretty much set.
Ahead, find a handful of our favorite costumes that are perfect for makeup lovers. Pick one and get to practicing — Halloween is only two weeks away.