Are People Jumping To Conclusions About Kristen Stewart & St. Vincent?

Photo: Dave Allocca/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock.
Have you ever shared soba noodles with someone before? Was that person your significant other? A friend perhaps? Or, were they something in-between, and a casual daytime meal was the best way to gauge the state of the relationship?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you officially have something in common with Kristen Stewart. Congratulations.

On October 4, the Café Society actress enjoyed some noodles and maybe even some sushi with singer St. Vincent (real name Annie Clark). Now, several publications are reporting that the two are dating.
Fans weren't just snapping pics of them because they're both famous, but also because the last we heard both of them were in committed relationships with their respective girlfriends: Stewart with director Alicia Cargile, and St. Vincent with model Cara Delevingne. Not seeing either of them with their significant other in days, and only with one another (they were also seen out to dinner in Los Angeles), set off a few alarms.

Does this mean both of the couples called it quits? Possibly. Before we can be excited about Stewart and St. Vincent, we need to properly mourn the loss of two of the year's coolest couples.

Now that we're done mourning: I have a personal theory about why there's a couple shuffle. Rather than follow along with the narrative that St. Vincent and Stewart broke up with their partners for each other, I like to think that Taylor Swift has suggested (instructed) that all her besties be single with her.
And Swift and Delevingne have been hanging out a lot recently along with fellow single gal Dakota Johnson.

🎂❤️ Happy birthday❤️🎂 @dakotajohnson #facetimefamilyphoto @taylorswift

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Delevingne also shared an image of recently single Angelina Jolie and praised the actress's ability to "transform pain into power." That sounds a little single to me. Perhaps we should just relax on the whole thing and let these two women carry on with their meal, and long walks across the East Village.

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