This Leaked Video Does Not Prove Kim Kardashian Staged Her Attack

Photo: Broadimage/REX.
Radar Online has just released a leaked video of Kim Kardashian that they claim proves her attack in Paris was a hoax. Note: the validity and full context of this footage has yet to be verified. The site points out three main elements as "evidence" in the clip, which was allegedly taken inside of her room at the Hôtel de Pourtalès following the robbery. First, Kardashian remains calmly in a corner on a video chat while her team mills about the apartment; second, there are no visible physical marks on her wrists indicating that she was tied up; third, the door and walls show no signs of damage or disturbance.
The website's claims and the ensuing internet reactions are just the latest in a slew of unfair accusations against Kardashian. The world is still searching for a way to blame her, rather than supporting her or simply letting her be a victim. But the reality is, none of Radar's points prove anything. Sure, she was quiet and to herself; she had just been robbed and could likely have been in shock. Would you be gabbing away with your assistants and team if you had just had a life-or-death experience? Plus, I'm willing to bet that even if Kardashian was shown hysterically crying in the video, people would claim she was playing into the drama. As for the lack of physical marks, there's no way to say exactly how tightly Kardashian was bound by the intruders, so that argument also feels irrelevant. And no damage on the door? This was not a forced entry; the hotel's concierge confirmed that he was forced at gunpoint to let the robbers into Kardashian's room. I get it. People hate Kim Kardashian, or even if they don't, they just have no sympathy for her because she's rich and famous. None of this means Kardashian deserves the horrific event that happened to her — or that she she should be blamed and accused. Unfortunately, I don't have much hope that the internet will ever stop pointing the finger at Kardashian and digging for dirt. And perhaps that's par for the course when you're a celebrity. But I, for one, refuse to blame any victim.

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