Coco Rocha Puts An End To The Supermodel Debate

Many followers and critics of the Hadids and Jenners enjoy fighting about the validity of these women's occupations: Are they even real models? It's the grand model debate we've been keeping up with for the past half-decade. And up until, well, now, the answer has been open to interpretation. But recently, Coco Rocha provided some insight.
After posting a photo showing some love for sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid, the model-turned-mogul offered her two cents in an interview with PopSugar on how she feels about all this schoolyard bickering. And, we have to hand it to her, she makes some valid points. "Unless you were working in the ‘80s, you were not considered a supermodel," Rocha told the site. She points out that her generation of mid-aughts catwalk stars were "not in the tabloids 24/7, you weren't wondering what we were wearing," and that she and her peers weren't household names outside of the fashion industry. Today's runway regulars, by contrast, are very, very mainstream. "You look at what's in the tabloids now, it's model this, model that...what they're doing, how you can be like them... That's what supermodels used to be like," Rocha told PopSugar. "When you saw them on the runway, you only saw them, you didn't think about the clothes... Even when people say I am a supermodel, I'm flattered to hear that, but I don't think that my generation ever created a moment like it's come back now." Coco's right: The supermodel era is what we make of it.

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