5 Things You Never Knew About Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is the sister we've always wanted. The in-demand model, music-video star, and champion of body positivity, is one of the kindest, most candid celebs we've ever met. We sat down with her at Beautycon New York this past weekend and grilled her on all things beauty. Here's what we learned: 1. Her go-to skin-care products are from French brand Nuxe. "I'm using the conditioner, body products — everything! I'm obsessed with it," she says. She even had the brand's lip balm in her purse. 2. You'll always find rosewater in her bag. "I put it in a travel spray. It locks in moisture, it sets your makeup, it's great for an airplane, and it's great before or after a workout. It keeps your skin nice and glowy." 3. She would love to create her own makeup line. "Being a curvy woman and having never seen a woman who looks like me in a campaign for any of these big cosmetics brands, is heartbreaking. Why not come up with my own? I think it needs to happen." 4. She was barefoot for the majority of the MTV Video Music Awards. "My feet hurt so bad...so I was barefoot the whole time," she says. "And no one knew! I tucked my shoes behind my chair, and I was fine." 5. Amber Rose taught her a really weird beauty trick: to put acrylic toenails on her big toes to keep her nail shape square. (Yep, that's one we've never heard before!) Check out more gems (and get the 411 on her awesome lipstick) from our interview with Graham in the video above.

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