These Halloween Costumes Are Fashion Girl-Approved

Photographed by Eric T. White at See Management.
For people who like to wear clothes (hi friends), Halloween is basically the most important of holidays — and one that’s not taken lightly. How many times a year do we have the opportunity to dress up in a way that shows off how clever we are, how good our DIY skills are, and/or the deepest, weirdest places our Google searches have gone? Before that street style wardrobe is packed up until next season, fashion girls say a temporary goodbye to the most extravagant sections of their closets — with a bang. There are long periods of pondering and planning, an array of (mostly coherent) notes of costume possibilities, and a mental log of cornerstone pop culture moments that are primed to take costume form.
The most crucial thing, though, is an original concept — something that, while relevant and recognizable, still feels fresh and not overdone. It’s choosing Eleven from Stranger Things over familiar heroines like Princess Leia; it’s going as goth “Formation” Beyoncé over “Single Ladies” Beyoncé; it’s taking a classic Pokémon and evolving it into your own — and maybe dropping in a pun or two along the way. The best part? It might give you an excuse to finally buy that dress/hat/jacket/bib necklace you've had open as a tab for eons. Don’t worry, we’ve done the 2016 recapping for you: Ahead, check out five costumes fashion girls will be donning this Halloween.
Special thanks to The McKittrick Hotel, home of Sleep No More.

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