Micro Bags Are Getting Smaller & Smaller

Photo: Getty Images.
For some reason, despite our growing self-identification as bag ladies, the actual size of purses being designed for women seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Baby bags, in all their pint-size glory, have become ubiquitous on the runways — and though they may not be that practical (typically they hold a cell phone and potentially a wallet, at most), they sure are cute.

But at Valentino's spring 2017 show (designer Pierpaolo Piccioli's first solo collection since his partner, Maria Grazia Chiuri, departed for Dior), the micro carryalls (or rather, carrynone's) were tinier than we've seen yet. While they were meant to hold something (something the size of a hair elastic, we're guessing), the Valentino pieces actually looked more like jewelry, adding an extra dose of decadence to the already elaborate fantasy gowns crafted from lace and carefully embroidered. While some popped with their gold outlines and colored prints, others blended into the clothing, as if they weren't meant to be seen in the first place.

Either way, these super-small goods are just that...good. Whether or not they make sense for us to carry, however, is another story.

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