These Sexy Costumes Might Just Inspire You To Try Role-Playing

The first time I ever tried role-playing, it was a weird, not-so-sexy accident. It was Halloween night my senior year of college and I just so happened to be wearing a mottled, beer-stained panda suit and a pirate hat. I really couldn't tell you how I ended up in that get-up, but I do remember that the presence of costuming in the bedroom — even that of a damp, seafaring mammal — added a whole lot of fun to the experience.
After that memorable night, it took a few years for me to realize that incorporating outfits into bedroom play could transcend Halloween-night hookups — and didn't necessarily need to involve a Party City animal suit. And because I had a lot of questions — Where do I find non-cheesy costumes? Do I have to memorize my lines ahead of time? — I tapped my favorite experts, sex educator Gwendolyn Rosen, dominatrix Rae Dolores, SSASE founder Zoe, and SHAG co-owner Samantha Bard, to break down the art of playing characters in bed.
Lesson number one? Don’t feel pressured to take on an entirely new persona if that feels weird to you. Role-playing is infinitely customizable to your personal turn-ons and comfort levels, whether you're a total first-timer or a seasoned actor.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up expert-approved costume ideas for role-play that you can make your own any time of year.
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Show your playful side with this bubbly pink costume. Doggy style, anyone?

Poodle Party Costume Set, $50, available at Dolls Kill.
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Bring this 2017 trend into the bedroom for some extra magic. If the horn isn't enough, experiment with a unicorn tail butt plug.

Dark Unicorn Headband, $26, available at ASOS.
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You may not be able to shoot webs, but you can still use this role-play idea to tie your partner up. Definitely consider this an opportunity to recreate that iconic upside down kiss.

Black Widow Costume, $50.00, available at Dolls Kill
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Harley Quinn

Given the fact that Harley Quinn has been one of Pornhub’s most-searched characters, she’s a pretty safe bet in terms of sex appeal.

"One of the sexiest parts of role-playing is sharing your fantasies with your partner," says Rosen. "Picking out your first scenario should be part of the foreplay."

If you're having trouble thinking of a good costume for role play, fictional television and movie characters of the moment are a great place to begin your brainstorm.

Harley Quinn Catsuit, $120, available at Blackmilk.
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Jessica Rabbit

Not into comics? Try cartoon film vixen Jessica Rabbit. She comes with the added bonus of some sexy detective scenarios to try in the bedroom. Just make sure to practice your sultry, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.

Kimmia Red Velvet Bardot Midi Dress, $31.50, available at PrettyLittleThing.
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Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation

Step into a “stranger in a strange place” scenario by taking on Scarlett’s now-iconic role. Incorporating a bit of breathless, whisper-sung karaoke is highly encouraged.

Halloween Baby Pink Faux Hair Wig, $24.18, available at ASOS.
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Daenerys Targaryen

The Mother Of Dragons is known for her strength, supernatural gifts, and general badass attitude in the face of danger. Put on a 297 AC-style silky tunic and take control, just like Daenerys does.

Yuzu Apparel Daenerys Inspired Dress, $65, available at Etsy.
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Morticia Addams

Famed for her gothic glamour, fabulous red talons, and passionate relationship, Morticia is a highly underrated sex symbol. Repurpose a slinky black gown (or use the occasion as an excuse to buy a new one), and start your foreplay with some romantic waltzing to the sounds of organ music.

Mesh Me Up Maxi Dress, $98, available at Nasty Gal.
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The Riddler

Sure, for many people, this character conjures images of a red-headed Jim Carrey in a green onesie. But that shouldn’t hinder your role-play options — the bedroom can be a great place to play around with traditional gender roles. Regardless of sex, the Riddler loves to play games, which will definitely translate into some adventurous sex scenarios.

"Don't get too boxed in by the fictional character's original gender," says Dolores. "Embodying a role first played by the opposite sex just means you get to add your own spin."

And hey, ain’t no shame if Carrey’s Riddler is what turns you on.

Riddler Catsuit, $130, available at Blackmilk
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Another first-timer tip? Choose a role with a familiar storyline, so you have a "script" to work from.

"I highly suggest finding a classic character you can identify easily," says Zoe. "Maybe even watch a little porn that revolves around that dynamic."

An attentive, protocol-breaking nurse is a prime example of a character you won’t have trouble crafting a scene around. Plus, you definitely won’t have to search too hard for porn inspiration.

Y.R.U Deadly Intensive Care Costume Set, $75, available at Dolls Kill.
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School Uniform

If you throw a letterman jacket over this school uniform, you can start your scene in a public space without feeling uncomfortably exposed (if that's not what you're into).

Detention Club Set, $45, available at Dolls Kill.
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Don’t think witches are sexy? We suggest you watch The Craft and come back to us. Luckily, there are lots of ways to look witchy. Channel any character or story that catches your fancy and try your hand at casting a few sex spells while you're at it.

Mizz Witchcraft Costume Set, $75, available at Dolls Kill.
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Little Red Riding Hood

The easy part about this one? It requires just a simple accessory, and it comes with a built-in narrative. We suggest you encourage your partner to channel his or her Big Bad Wolf.

Karolin Felix Dream Red Riding Hood, $75.03, available at Etsy.
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Flower Child

Depending on whether you're in a giving or getting mood, play the ‘70s-era rockstar or the adoring fan. Either way, it’s hard not to feel like a Penny Lane-esque goddess when draped in glitter, jumpsuits, and fur.

Taste Da Rainbow Jumpsuit, $50, available at Dolls Kill.
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Sirens — the sexier and more sinister cousins of the mermaid — are known for luring in prey with their mystical charm. Taking on this role means harnessing your own inner sensuality and expressing yourself using body language, instead of words.

"A common misconception posits that role-playing needs to involve a lot of line-learning," says Dolores. "If getting vocal during sex isn't your thing, find a role that doesn't involve talking. A siren, for example, never utters a word, but is instead rather mysteriously coy."

Stardust Apparel Blue Mermaid Bra, $55, available at Etsy.
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While the Playboy bunny might be the obvious choice when it comes to the sultry hare family, opting for a more modern take means you can deviate from the pin-up and horny-older-gentleman implications. Instead, make up your own story about a bad little rabbit.

"Animal costumes are another work-around for dialogue-free play," say Dolores.

Pro tip: A cotton ball makes for a perfectly acceptable tail.

Max Steiner Design Bunny Mask, $280, available at AHA Life.
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Unlike rabbits, which have a pretty docile rep, the leopard is a wilder choice — they’re much more prone to scratch and nip. You also get the option of crawling on your hands and knees, if you’re feelin’ it.

Printed Cotton Spandex Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve Catsuit, $45, available at American Apparel.
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Ready for a challenge? Pretend you're an astronaut coming into, um, contact with an alien (your partner) for the first time.

"Bonus points if you make up your own extraterrestrial language," says Dolores.

XXX Moon Playsuit, $110.26, available at CyberDog.
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Or change it up and play the alien yourself.

Interstellar Dust Top, $110, available at Dolls Kill.
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Do pasties alone count as an alien costume? Yes, yes they do. If you and your partner are into surprising each other with role-play get-ups, try any costume in pasty form.

Alien Glow-In-The-Dark Pasties, $10, available at Goodbye Bread.
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Don't have a head-to-toe look on hand? Don't fret. Finding just one accessory you love can still transform you into someone totally different from your everyday self. A regal tiara is an excellent example, because it’s virtually impossible not to stand a little taller and strut with more queenly authority than normal.

"Masks, wigs, and makeup can help you shed your identity and take on another," says Zoe.

Ask your partner to play either king, fellow queen, or a court jester, depending on what power dynamic you’re in the mood for.

Regal Rose Halloween Witch Hunter Black Pearl Crown, $54.82, available at ASOS.
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Holding onto some slightly torn lingerie or stockings? Pair them with a film-noir-style mask, and give your partner permission to tear the pre-ripped stuff right off you during a particularly stirring “investigation.”

"I keep a drawer of rip-able stockings and add stuff to it as they get beaten up," says Zoe. "Just make sure your partner knows which clothes are okay to ruin ahead of time."

Bijoux Indiscrets Louise Eye Mask, $15, available at Nasty Gal.
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Sexy Stranger

One the coolest things about role-playing is that it can transform any scenario into foreplay.

"One of my favorite role-play games involves arranging to meet my partner at a bar and pretending to be strangers hitting it off for the first time," says Bard. "It's a great way to flirt like you used to when you first met, talk about sexy things, and maybe even take him or her home for a ‘one night stand.’"

Topping off your outfit with an identity-obscuring wig definitely enhances the whole elusive-seductress bit.

Light Blonde Cosplay Wig, $55, available at Dolluxe.
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Thanks to all the lusty gazing, sucking, and biting they’re known for, vampires make for an great role-play choice. Wearing a single, semi-discrete accessory that alludes to the fantasy you and your partner plan to carry out later in the night — like these attachable fangs — also means you'll be sharing a hot little secret.

Bloody Vampire Fangs, $3.99, available at Party City.
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Between the hell-raising attitude and the crimson attire, it’s clear why the devil is a classic Halloween choice. It’s an instantly recognizable look — you’ll just need to add horns and stick to a red color scheme — so feel free to add your own spin by choosing a fabric that you and your partner would most like to feel against bare skin. Silky or velvety sensations are always a good jumping-off point.

"Texture takes on a very big role when it comes to play," says Zoe.

Out From Under Crushed Velvet Catsuit, $69, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Introverted? Take on an innocent role, instead, and play the angel. While you probably won’t be able to keep your wings on once the action starts (they’ll get crushed, unless you stay on top the whole time), the feathery sensation will feel amazing for both you and your partner while things heat up.

Touched By An Angel Wings, $49, available at Dolls Kill.
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Fairy Nymph

Slightly more mischievous than the average angel, the fairy nymph is an excellent costume to try if you like props. Glitter, scarves, and wands (including the sexier, less nymph-specific ones) are all fair game.

Flower Bomb Skirt, $98, available at Dolls Kill.
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If you're interested in experimenting with fantasies of the BDSM variety, do a little research beforehand with your partner, so you both feel safe, secure, and prepared (think of it as the foreplay before the foreplay). Then, slip on a dominatrix costume that incorporates either latex or leather.

"Materials that restrain and feel rougher and tighter can help set the scene," says Zoe.

Pair your bodysuit with purse full of accessories that excite you and your partner, plus whatever heels that make you feel like the HBIC.

Venus Latex Bodysuit, $392, available at Chromat.
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If you’re a dancer — of the trained or the late-night dance floor variety — put your abilities to work and incorporate a private performance into your scene. This particular outfit comes with the added bonus of an unexpected texture.

"Latex need not be restricted to black," says Dolores. "Pair it with a pastel hue and you'll get a nice juxtaposition of innocent and erotic."

Latex Primrose Party Dress & Bow Belt, $292, available at William Wilde.
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Retro Secretary

Even if flesh-revealing costumes have never been your thing, you can certainly partake in role-playing. In fact, staying fully dressed in this buttoned-up secretary look while your partner strips down will actually create an erotic dynamic in which you’ll feel like the the one calling the shots.

"Latex is also one of those fabrics that makes an automatic statement," says Dolores. "Even if you prefer to be covered-up, your look is still undeniably seductive."

Latex Guiness Dress, $395, available at William Wilde.
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Anytime your role-play getup evokes a popular sex position, you’ve likely chosen well. If you’re partner is on board, tie up his or her hands with some nylon bondage rope in lieu of a lasso.

Country Cowgirl Kitten Set, $68, available at Dolls Kill
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Thanks to Baywatch (and The Sandlot’s Wendy Peffercorn), lifeguards are bona fide sex symbols. As this easy-to-pull-together costume calls for little more than a high-cut swimsuit, don’t be afraid to skip the bed and head straight for the shower.

High Leg Swimsuit, $30.60, available at Missguided.
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Got a bossy side? Great, we’ve got the perfect costume for you. Grab a whistle and give it a blow every time you want to change up positions.

No Rules Costume Set, $50, available at Dolls Kill.

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