16 Steamy Confessions From People Who Role-Play During Sex

From schoolgirl fantasies to full-blown fan-fiction cosplays, role-playing during sex can be a bedroom game-changer, and it isn't hard to see why. Taking on new identities during sex allows couples to explore dynamics they might not normally experience in their relationship. And it doesn't require a huge commitment; role-playing can be a silly, one-time thing or a constant source of excitement. Not sure where to get started? We suggest you find out what's working for other people and see if anything sparks your own desires. On secret-sharing app Whisper, one user called a particular superhero-themed session the best sex she's ever had. Another described how she and her partner pretend to be total strangers, and how it keeps their relationship fresh. And ideas for role-playing scenarios are seemingly around every corner. Your favorite TV show or even your local costume store might offer some inspiration. Read on for 18 steamy stories, via Whisper, about what it's really like to incorporate role-playing into your sex life.
My boyfriend and I did school girl and teacher role play last night and it
was the most amazing sex I
We were in the middle of nurse-roleplay-sex when my boyfriend randomly
burst into laughter and said "I don
I love role playing during sex. I am a woman that sometimes likes to be the
My husband and I role play in bed. I love being his babysitter that steals
him from his wife
The best sex I
My girlfriend went from not wanting to watch Game of Thrones because "it
My boyfriend wanted to role play and have me be the hooker. I asked for
$500. He got mad.
My boyfriend and I role play by pretending that we just met when we go to
bars and clubs. It keeps our relationship interesting and fresh.
My husband said he wanted role play before sex...I pretended to be Harry
Potter while he was Draco Malfoy...I now am positive I married the right man
I steal outfits from our theatre
Sometimes I like my husband to pretend I
I love to role play right before sex. My favorite character is my boyfriend
plays a German and I don
I just did a role play of a porn video with my boyfriend and that is by far
the best sex i have ever had
Sometimes when my boyfriend and I have sex we role play. I
I told my boyfriend to role play as Anakin in bed. He told me to stay on
target we
I love role-playing as a little virgin girl and I

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