17 People Describe Their Best Sex Ever

If pop culture has taught us anything about sex, it's that great sex isn't one-size-fits-all. Preferences vary wildly in terms of what makes a hookup hot and steamy, so it's always fun to hear about what other people like. In fact, talking about sex can be just as fun as having it. These conversations show you how others view pleasure, and they may give you an idea of something you'd like to try yourself. But it's not always easy to get a 100% honest take on people's sex lives, especially with all of the conflicting societal pressures that abound. Thankfully, lots of people divulge their hottest sex stories on secret-sharing app Whisper. Below, we've rounded up 17 steamy descriptions of users' best sex, ever. Read through the list, and don't forget to take note of any scenarios you might want to try. You can thank us later.
I had the best sex with my ex when we got stoned. We felt everything so
much deeper than when we were sober
The only sex I
My favorite time having sex was when I met a guy who let me be super
dominant. I became obsessed with sex after that.
The best sex I had was when I teased it out with a guy for months. The
chase was so good and the intense passion when he finally got me was
I once experimented with a woman in bed. Even though I don
My favorite time having sex was in a pool late at night. It was cold and
there was steam everywhere, it was like a fairytale.
I love how much my boyfriend loves me. I orgasm every time we have sex
because he
I had sex with my statistics professor and I don
The best sex I ever had was when a woman scratched up my entire back. The
pain and pleasure together is like nothing else I
I once slept with someone while my friend was asleep in the bed next to us.
Even though I couldn
I met a guy shorter than me and at first I didn
Went to a work outing and had drunk sex with my coworker. It was the best
sex I
The hottest sex I ever had was when the guy couldn
I had sex on a park bench and someone watched and honestly, I
The best sex of my life was with a virgin. I was so surprised but he really
knew what to do..
The most amazing sex I had was with a guy who worshipped me. His only goal
was to get me off. Haven
I just had the best sex ever - with a man old enough to be my dad. Usually
my partners can

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