We Spent 3 Weeks With The Apple Watch & This Is What We Thought

Photo: Madeline Buxton.
I've never been much of a fitness tracker or smartwatch user. It's not for lack of accessibility — my job as a tech editor means that I spend my fair share of time testing out the latest from Fitbit or Fossil. But I've always found that even after a few weeks of testing a new product, I rarely miss wearing it when my review is done.

And it isn't that I don't like the appearance of these smart accessories. Many are very attractive and can handle the transition from gym to work to happy hour. It's just that I never feel like they end up adding much to my day. Sure, they count my steps and let me know when I've received a text, but I have my perfectly useful and usually accessible iPhone to tell me the same thing.

This said, I was curious to see how I would feel about the latest iteration of the Apple Watch. With Series 2, which was announced last month, Apple is hoping to lure in fitness devotees and fashionable businesswomen alike. I spent three weeks with the watch to answer two questions. First, does it improve on the original's missteps? And second, is it a must-have product in today's connected world?

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