19 Fresh Pairs Of Sneakers For Fall

Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall is a lot of work. Between swapping your off-the-shoulder tops for turtlenecks, your bathing suits for scarves, and your shorts for pants, you've probably found yourself in a mountain of clothing, wondering how you even got into this mess (at least, we have). And just when you thought you could get away with at least wearing the same sneakers regardless of the weather change, we hate to break the news that you're not quite off the hook. Admit it: The white kicks you wore all summer long have seen better days, and those running shoes from steamy sprints at the park are now permanently smelly.
The good news is there are a ton of cold-weather trends that will get you excited about shopping for a fresh pair of sneakers. With fall-appropriate fabrications, festive new details, and out-there styles you haven't seen before, your shoes will bring some serious heat when things get chilly. Click through to shop our favorite kicks picks.