Kim Kardashian Might Go To Law School In Her Old Age

Photo: Matt Baron/REX.
Kim Kardashian is objectively successful. She's covered Forbes and Paper and published a book. People pay money for piecemeal updates from her personal website. She's the media-savvy half of a high profile Hollywood couple. So what's next for the woman who's done all that and more? It turns out, it might be higher education. Word on the street is that Kim is considering law school. The reality TV personality told Wonderland magazine that she's intrigued by the thought of spending a few years studying law when she gets older. "If things slow down and I had time, I really want to go to law school," she said. "Just something I can do in my older age." It looks like it might be time for a bit of an intervention. Could Kim's career need a bit of an informed pivot? Kimberly Noel Kardashian-West could get into Harvard — "what, like it's hard?" — or Stanford. The higher education community as a whole would be the better for her presence. But if the media mogul is looking to make a career change, we've got some other suggestions in mind. Here's our official prognosis: Kim, please quit pushing that random array of beauty products and biotin chewables. Sooner or later a new technology will make its way to the market, and the kind of glitzy, glossy selfies Kim snaps will go out of style. We took Rassmussen College's career aptitude test based on all the qualities Kim has exhibited — high on creativity and managerial skills, low on science and communication — and it seems like we might have stumbled upon a worthy choice for Kim K.'s old age. What should her next career move be, according to the test's expertise? Set design. She and Kanye would be perfect collaborators on his next tour.
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