Kristen Stewart Just Bleached Her Hair — & It's So Cool

It's a fact: Kristen Stewart is one of the coolest girls in Hollywood. She's a total badass who owns who she is, has a growing tattoo collection, and turns out rad hair-color and cut transformations left and right. She's rocked fiery red, an asymmetrical bob, and now, she's gone full-throttle blonde with a bleached look. Goodbye, roots!
The new style comes courtesy of her hairstylist Adir Abergel, and Stewart showed it off at a Chanel No. 5 party last night (she's a face of the brand). She's been blonde since April, so it's not a major departure, but it's the first time we've seen her without even a hint of re-growth at the roots. (Though we can only imagine how often she'll be in the salon for touch-ups if she decides to maintain it.) And Stewart knows exactly how to play up the look by contrasting her white hair color with jet-black liquid liner. It's all very '90s grunge — and we're so into it.

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