How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Who’s On The Stretcher?

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Caleb Hapstall (Kendrick Sampson) was found responsible for the murder of his parents. Wes's (Alfred Enoch) father, Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin), was murdered right in front of him. Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) declined Connor's (Jack Falahee) acceptance to Stanford without even letting him know. Frank (Charlie Weber), meanwhile, was nowhere to be found.
Now, in the show's third season, the so-called "Keating 5" are in their second year of law school at Middleton and they're acting as practicing lawyers, working on pro bono cases. The transition is less about their experience, though, and more about Annalise's (Viola Davis) reputation at the university. In an August flashback, we see Annalise meeting with Middleton's new president, who informs her that a different professor will teach her beloved course this fall. As the president notes, the students Annalise chooses to work for her are usually at the top of their class — but the Keating 5 are in the bottom of the bunch, a fact their classmates are eager to point out, too.
The episode is framed through the lens of the students' return to Middleton, but it relies heavily on flashbacks to explain the details of what's happened over the summer while they weren't at school. The flashbacks also fill in the gaps about what, exactly, happened to Wes' father.
Apparently, Frank is to blame for Mahoney's death — or that's what Annalise believes, anyway. Wes tells her that Frank came to his apartment, telling him that he could find his father. Frank drove Wes to Mahoney's office so he was the one who killed him, Annalise deduces. She thinks Frank feels guilty for his involvement in the accident that led to her late-term miscarriage. Frank helped Mahoney, who caused the car crash, so Annalise believes he's atoning, in a twisted way, by killing him. (And poor Wes is stuck with the blood of both of his parents quite literally on his hands.)
The episode isn't all flashbacks, though — the most thrilling part is a dramatic flash-forward to two months later. We see Annalise's house on fire as a stretcher is loaded into an ambulance. It's not clear who's dead, but Annalise begins weeping when she pulls the sheet back. Could it be Wes? Annalise certainly cares about him enough to be saddened by his death. My money's on Nate (Billy Brown), though — especially since he and Annalise seem to be on good terms. He's put up with a lot of her antics already — like when she framed him for her husband's murder! — and dying because of an incident related to her work would be quite a dramatic end to their relationship.
We still don't know where exactly Frank is either, but Annalise is onto him. She's using a burner phone to contact a PI to find him. But when the PI does manage to track Frank down, Frank gets to him first and pulls a knife after hearing Annalise's name on the phone. So it's safe to say we shouldn't expect a reunion between Frank and the rest of the group anytime soon.
Click through to see where each of the Keating 5 stand — and let us know who you think is on the stretcher in the comments section.

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