Chris Brown Is Selling T-Shirts Slamming Accuser Baylee Curran

Last month, Baylee Curran accused Chris Brown of threatening her with a gun. Brown has been arrested and charged with felony assault, though his lawyer claims the singer is innocent and that Curran accused him for the fame. Brown is now profiting off this case in just about the worst way possible. The 27-year-old is selling shirts printed with the phrase "this bitch lyin'" on the front, and a picture of a crying woman who looks like Curran on the back. The shirt is selling for $38 on the website for his clothing line, Black Pyramid.
As if things couldn't get any worse, people are leaving comments on Twitter like, "omg that's cuteee," "King Ever," "I love you King," "I want dis shirt babe I luv it," and "I love you so much for this shirt."
Fortunately, others are pointing out how completely unconscionable this is, deeming the shirt "petty" and calling for an end to the negativity. "You've learned nothing about respecting women," one wrote.
As usual, Brown's misogyny and mockery are absolutely uncalled for. The shirts and their fans provide another example of how people, particularly women, get shamed when they accuse powerful people of committing crimes against them.

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