Update: Chris Brown Arrested, Will Be Charged With Felony Assault

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Update: The Chris Brown saga keeps getting uglier and uglier. The woman who called the police says that the dispute that led to the gun being pointed at her all happened because she admired a piece of jewelry. Baylee Curran, the woman in question and also Miss Regional California 2016, says that she's had pleasant interactions with Brown in the past. She gave a firsthand account of the situation to TMZ Live. Things went bad when a friend of Brown's brought a set of diamond jewelry he had designed for the guests to look at. "I saw the diamond cross necklace," Curran tells TMZ. "And of course I'm going to admire it. I did not pick it up, I did not try to take it, anything to that sort. And I don't know if it was his friends who triggered Chris, but he said, 'Don't go near the diamonds.' Started calling me names, said 'Get the eff outside, go back outside.' And then that's when Chris went off and said, 'What did I tell you girls? I've been telling you over and over again.' And that's when he pulled out the gun and said, 'Get the eff out of here.' And threatened me with it, and that's when I left." Curran tells TMZ that Brown had kicked four other girls out of the house before the events in question. She further alleges that Brown came out with her shoes and cellphone and demanded that she sign a non-disclosure agreement before returning the items to her. She refused to sign, grabbed her phone, and fled. Watch her interview here.
Update 8:40 p.m.: Chris Brown has been taken into custody on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon, the Los Angeles Police Department tells the Los Angeles Times. Everyone at the home at the time of Brown's surrender cooperated, Lt. Chris Ramirez, LAPD spokesman, told reporters. Ramirez said that Brown would be transported from his Tarzana home to downtown Los Angeles, where he will be formally arrested and charged. Ramirez also said that they planned to interview everyone in the home to determine what, exactly, occurred.
Update 6 p.m.: The Chris Brown standoff seems to have ended, but not before Nia Guzman's attorney revealed that the couple's daughter was in the home when Brown allegedly assaulted a woman whom TMZ has identified as Baylee Curran. Brown emerged from his home and peacefully spoke with police after a search warrant was served, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Several others also exited the property, and reportedly no arrests have yet been made. Guzman's lawyer told E! News that their two-year-old, Royalty, was taken to school this morning and, as details emerged about the alleged felony assault, was picked up by Guzman and taken to safety. Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, categorically denies to E! News that the child was there during the incident.
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Chris Brown is under investigation by the LAPD after reports that the rapper threatened a woman with a gun. TMZ first reported Tuesday morning that Brown has become a suspect in a criminal assault investigation after the woman he allegedly threatened called 9-1-1. The LAPD are currently outside Brown's home, where they've been stationed since 3 a.m. this morning. TMZ has now reported that the cops have seized at least one gun, other weapons, and drugs from Brown's home after the rapper threw them out the window in a duffel bag.
Tuesday afternoon, the LAPD gave a press conference near Brown's home, which TMZ livestreamed. “The detectives are trying to make contact with Mr. Brown," said the officer, adding that the department's robbery and homicide division is handling the situation. "Once we talk to the victim and witnesses we can tell you more." The LAPD rep also said that the call came from outside the home, and that the age or name of the victim are not yet known. He also couldn't confirm TMZ's reports that Brown was refusing to cooperate, that the cops were seeking a search warrant, or that the SWAT team was involved.
There were apparently several people with Brown — including friend Ray J — in his Los Angeles home at the time of the argument, during which Brown allegedly pulled a gun on the woman. Yet one source who was there told TMZ that Brown was asleep through the incident.
Meanwhile, Brown has been providing his own updates via Instagram. The 27-year-old, who assaulted Rihanna in 2009, has released three videos of himself addressing the situation. He insists that he didn't do anything and was sleeping when he woke to the news. "I'm not coming out. For what? I ain't did shit. I ain't gonna do shit," he said. Brown also claims that the LAPD is harassing him, and expresses a lot of negativity toward the police. "It's always gonna be, 'Fuck the police. Black lives matter, n-----." He added, "Fucking idiots! Y'all the worst gang in the world, the police." Brown also took the opportunity to promote his new song.
You can watch the videos yourself, below. This is a breaking story, and we will update this post as more details are reported.
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