Instagram Is Finally Letting You Save Drafts — Here’s How

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.
Instagram's latest update includes a tool that's ideal for every perfectionist — or anyone who spends time editing a photo in the app, only to get distracted by something else and lose their hard work. At long last, you can save drafts of a post. To use it, begin by uploading your photo or video, then add filters or edit as you normally would. Go to the next screen and add a caption, tags, or a location. Then, return to the filter page and press the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner. In the past, you would only see a message pop up with a "Discard" tab, warning you that if you went back, you would lose all of your edits — a disappointment on par with forgetting to save a favorite Snapchat story. Now, though, there's the option to "Save Draft." Press that, and you'll see a new section for "Drafts" appear above your photo library below.
Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.
To return to that draft later on, just select it from there, finish your hashtagging and witty captioning, and post. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can return to tweak any of the edits you made on the photo itself, so make sure you adjusted the brightness and contrast to your liking before saving as a draft. There's another important caveat: You can only save a draft if you've tagged people, added a caption, or made some other edits. (This makes sense, since you wouldn't save a photo without having added something to it — you would just upload it again and start from the beginning.) Limitations aside, the option to save a draft at all is better than nothing. The update is available today on both iOS and Android.

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