Who Was The Hot Mystery Guy Sitting Next To Kevin Spacey At The Emmys?

The hottest mystery man to come out of Sunday night's Emmys broadcast isn't even up for an award. He's not a charming writer flying under the radar or a dashingly handsome supporting actor — he's simply some guy who was sitting next to Kevin Spacey.
Who could this hottie be — a seat filler? An industry executive? A stylist? A House of Cards extra? We've got some Zoe Barnes-level reporting to do.
After doing some major internet sleuthing, it turns out this mystery man is named Evan Lowenstein. When he's not moonlighting as the award show's surprise dreamboat, he's the CEO of a company called Stageit.
And yeah — he was also in a '90s boy band with his twin brother, called Evan and Jaron. He has a sense of humor about it, too. "Let's party like it's 1999... so I can be famous again," reads his Twitter bio. Let's take a moment to revisit Evan and Jaron's greatest hit, which conveniently fits the mood:
Fingers crossed Lowenstein becomes an award show staple.

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