Kevin Spacey Reveals Which GOP Candidate He Breaks The 4th Wall For On House Of Cards

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
Kevin Spacey showed up on The Late Show set today, and before making Carol Burnett cry with the best Jimmy Stewart impression we've ever seen, he finally cleared up a House of Cards question that's been burning in our minds for years. Literally — we're headed into the fourth season soon! When Frank Underwood, perhaps one of the most terrifying politicians to ever grace the small screen, does an aside directly to the audience, who exactly is he talking to? Well, our worst fears have been confirmed. "When I'm looking directly into that camera, I'm talking to one person and one person only," Spacey told Colbert. And that person is? "Donald Trump." So, maybe all this time Trump has been taking direction from a diabolic, fictional character who will stop at nothing to achieve glory and also happens to have a pretty cunning partner in crime. (Let it be known, though: Melania Trump is no Claire Underwood.) We know, we know, he kids. But — what with all the madness going on in the early presidential race — it doesn't seem so far-fetched that real-life candidates would be drawing inspiration from the Netflix political drama. Spacey also pointed out to Colbert that life has been mirroring art an awful lot lately. "There have been times when I'll leave the set and I'll have shot a particular story line and I'll think, 'We're pushing it,'" Spacey explained. But then he flips on the television and thinks to himself — and we quote — "We're fucked." Only time will tell. Though after tonight's GOP debate, we're inclined to agree that things have spun a little out of control. To the point a race between Frank Underwood and Donald Trump, we might be apt to throw our support behind the former. That guy gets shit done.

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