Why Is The Internet Pitting Kylie Jenner Against Kim Kardashian?

The internet is claiming that there's a feud brewing between sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and it has to do with their most recent selfies. On Thursday, Jenner posted a photo of herself in nude lingerie that matched her skin tone so perfectly that it was easy to think that she was wearing nothing at all. The image, which the 19-year-old chose to post without a caption, quickly racked up more than a million likes.

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Not too long after, though, Kardashian posted her own sexy image to Snapchat, which was a little more NSFW. Kardashian posted a clip and a few photos of her getting a midnight spray tan in Miami. Clearly nude, she used her arm and a chair to cover herself up.

Perez Hilton
reported that this was proof of Kardashian trying to steal her little sister's thunder, but pitting the two women against each other seems unnecessary — not to mention dangerous and damaging. Too often, it's assumed that women are in competition, specifically over their looks, giving credence to a myth that women can't get along and can't be supportive of each other. While the timing of Kardashian's Snapchat selfie may seem questionable, it also could be coincidental. It's definitely not the first time Kardashian has posed nude for social media. Kardashian's nude shot could also be seen as a way to support Jenner's risqué photo — especially since Kardashian knows the response to those kind of images isn't always positive. While we don't know the motives behind Kardashian's photo, we do know that this is not the first time the internet has pitted the sisters against each other. After some claimed that Jenner was trying to steal her big sister's look last year, Kardashian actually took to her website to put an end to the rivalry rumors. "Kylie and I laugh so hard at this all the time, because people always want to pit us against each other, thinking we have similar careers," she wrote. "I think it's amazing - there's no one else I would want to be in the same business with than my sister."

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