You Won’t Believe Which Artist Is Copying Beyonce´’s Lemonade

Photo: Courtesy MTV.
When Beyoncé won Video of the Year at this year's MTV VMAs for "Formation," we were not surprised. Queen Bey has been inspiring millions with Lemonade since it arrived to blow our minds in April. But it might surprise you to learn who else Beyoncé has inspired this year: Snoop Dogg. Yes, you read that right. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Snoop tells the magazine that his album Coolaid was inspired by, you guessed it, Lemonade. Snoop says he watched the visual album, and his reaction was, like the rest of us, "Damn!" "But I don't drink lemonade; I drink Kool-Aid. So I decided to call my shit Coolaid, since I brought so much flavor to the game..." he explains. Snoop even made a visual album of his own to go along with Coolaid. That's some serious inspiration. Looks like maybe you (or at least Beyoncé) can teach an old Dogg some new tricks.

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