30+ New Coach Bags That Are Its Most Fun & OTT Yet

Coach bags have gone through the entire hype-cycle of designer handbags: They've been really cool, really lame, really lame to cool people, really cool to lame people, and back to being really cool to cool people again. Through it all, the brand has stuck to pretty much the same formula: Simple, practical shapes with utilitarian hardware in pretty colorways (with the occasional foray into canvas monograms). If anything, Stuart Vevers' Coach has built a loyal, dedicated fanbase that'll trigger the next upward swing for Coach...and it's going to flip over this latest collection of handbags.
For its most recent spring '17 collection, Coach matched silk slip dresses, sheer petticoats, and other thrift-store staples with fringed leather jackets and patches from the hardscrabble era of '70s NYC. (If you're a movie person, imagine if the cast of Bonnie and Clyde raided the wardrobe of The Warriors.) The bags, too, are a hodgepodge of leather, charms, florets, and fringe. Some look like the contents of a junk drawer and others are just barely edited down to appeal to minimalists.
Click through for 32 of the bags that made their debut during the show (and if you can't wait six months for them to drop, Coach.com is already selling a few of the simpler styles).
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