Bun Drops Are The Most Mesmerizing Hair Trend On Instagram

Ahhhh cabelo! ?

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The hair flip? As if! That's so '90s. And #longhairdontcare is quickly becoming a tired hashtag. Luckily, as Teen Vogue points out, there's a new mane move taking over Instagram: the #bundrop. It's exactly what it sounds like: Girls are twisting their long (like, really long) hair into a bun, then pulling out the pin and letting the hair unwind and cascade down the back in ripples — and they're filming it for our pleasure. It sounds weird, we know, but watching the voluminous, shiny hair swing in slo-mo is so satisfying. It's like an Herbal Essences commercial meets an ASMR video meets the view you'd get if you followed Gigi Hadid around everywhere.
Don't believe us? Click the play buttons below. You know you're curious.


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If you're anything like us, you can't watch the hypnotic videos just once. In fact, we may be in a trance as we write this. All we know is, we're growing our hair out starting NOW.

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