You Can Finally Delete These Apps That You Never Used

Certain iPhone apps have long existed as the uncool kids on your homescreen. Forced upon you by your phone itself, not downloaded out of choice, the outcast apps sat there, unopened and taking up space. You know what we're talking about: They're the apps that came preloaded on your phone that you tried vainly to get rid of, but that Apple forbade you from deleting. Stocks, Reminders, Maps, and Compass meant well, but couldn't cut it for the majority of us who went elsewhere for our data, directions, and scheduling. Apple has finally granted you permission to bid these apps farewell.
As BuzzFeed reports, updating your iPhone to iOS 10 will finally let you delete almost all of the preloaded apps on your homescreen, including the Watch app (which is unnecessary if you don't have an Apple Watch). Go ahead and take the plunge. Gently press on the app you'd like to delete and then touch the "x" in the upper left-hand corner. If you ever change your mind and have a sudden urge to check for due north, or you purchase an Apple Watch Series 2, you can easily re-download the apps from the App Store.
Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.
If you're planning to update to iOS 10, we recommend being near a desktop computer when you download the update. Some Twitter users have reported issues with the update, saying that their iPhones have asked them to connect to iTunes. We haven't experienced any issues, but it's something to be wary of. Just keep your eyes on the prize: When that download is done, you can send Stocks to the app graveyard. While you're waiting, you can catch up on everything else that's different in the update, too.

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