This Is Going To Change How You Text

As a kid, my parents rewarded me for doing things I didn't want to do — eating lima beans, doing homework right after school, going to the dentist — with stickers. There were glittery stickers, ones made of felt, Disney princess stickers, and the coveted scratch-and-sniffs. They covered my notebooks, hair clips, and the white desk in my bedroom.
I haven't used a sticker since the age of 11, but that's about to change. As part of iOS 10, the iPhone's new operating system, Apple is giving Messages a major upgrade that brings old-school fun into the digital world. Along with sending texts with "invisible ink," throwing confetti, and scrawling a handwritten note on-screen, you can also use new "stickers."
Dozens of characters and brands, from Disney princesses and Powerpuff Girls to Starbucks, are releasing special sticker packs for you to use in texts, in a way that resembles how you currently use emoji. And while these stickers may not be scratch-and-sniff, there are still ones that dance around and sparkle in their own right.
Click through to find out how to use them, and check out some of our favorites.

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