Gigi Hadid Can’t Handle The 9-To-5 Grind, Is All Of Us In This Video

Gigi Hadid has a far more glamorous day-to-day than most of us. It's the kind of career that involves a catwalk instead of a cubicle, and rather than collating, she's wearing couture in her line of work. While Hadid's daily grind is a lot sexier than that of the vast majority of people, she kindly acted out everyone's "had a bad day" fantasies in this video with Dazed.

Created in honor of the magazine's 25th anniversary, the video sees Hadid donning head-to-toe Marc Jacobs, star-shaped shades, and some Shirley Temple-level ringlets accented with a big bow. She proceeds to completely wreak havoc on Dazed's offices. And trust us, nothing gets spared. The fire extinguisher gets utilized! The copy machine gets intimate with Gigi's face! Rolling office chairs are shoved across the space, sending computers careening to the floor. She even whips out a paint can to tag the digs after destroying them. So thank you, Gigi, for giving us mere plebeians a (job-sparing) means of vicariously acting out all the stuff that wouldn't quite pass muster with HR on our next super crappy day...

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