I Used The iPhone 7 For 5 Days — & Here’s What I Thought

This isn't 2007. When a new smartphone comes out, no one is going, "Holy crap, I can't believe a computer that fits in my pocket can actually do all this!" We're cynical and spoiled. We put our phones through a lot and expect perfection in return.
So naturally, the earth didn't shatter when Apple introduced the iPhone 7. It looks a whole lot like the iPhone 6s, last year's model, and when you use the phone, you'll find it's not all that different either. But while many of the phone's updates might be considered "incremental," there are three that really distinguish it from the iPhones of yore: its new home button, its improved and redesigned camera system, and (of course) its lack of a headphone jack.
We've been using a jet black iPhone 7 and a matte black iPhone 7 Plus for five days and can safely say it's a good phone. For many, it's a worthwhile upgrade. But if you're on the fence — or are just wondering what's in store when your phone ships this Friday — here's what you need to know about what it's really like to use the new iPhone.

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