DVF Introduces The Fashion Equivalent Of The “This Is Fine” Meme

Photo: Courtesy of DVF.
You know this meme. You might feel closer to it than any other meme that's ever memed. It's at once an admission that things are close to ruin all around you and a total denial that it's going to take you down. "This is fine" is acknowledging that things are falling apart, but goddammit, you're going to make it work.
Enter: Fashion's new love affair with gossamer straps, flimsy fabrics, and precarious cuts and necklines that require a prayer (along with some Topstick) to stay in place. Designer Jonathan Saunders, the newly appointed creative director at Diane von Furstenberg, has been known to favor otherwise practical clothes with a few elements of danger to make things interesting; long sleeves that might drag in your spaghetti, neck ties that'll trail on the street, and ballooning pants that require you to scoop up the extra fabric in order to climb up subway steps.
For his first collection for DVF, he took the iconic wrap dress and loosened up the straps, creating dresses that seem to be barely held together. Thin straps riskily perch on clavicles, pulled-down wrap-fronts cling to shoulders, and the deep V of a neckline threatens to #freethenipple with a light breeze. But it's attractive stuff: you can't help but feel drawn to the danger. For those among us who might want to ensure that things actually will be fine, we recommend wearing a pretty bralette with yours.

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