Kate Beckinsale Shares Hilarious “Baby Daddy” Convo With Michael Sheen & Their Daughter

Just throwing this out there: If any Hollywood exec wants to produce a reality show about Kate Beckinsale's hilarious relationship with ex-partner Michael Sheen and their teen daughter Lily, we would not be opposed. For now, we'll settle for Beckinsale's Instagram account, where she's documented the family's latest hijinks. As you can see from the post below, 17-year-old Lily took a quiz to find out who her ultimate Volturi (as in, the vampires from Twilight) baby daddy would be. She got Aro, the character played by her own dad. Awkward. This text conversation soon followed.

Family group chat Tuesday (Aro is Michael's character in #Twilight)

A photo posted by Kate Beckinsale (@katebeckinsale) on

"That is both incredibly disturbing and rather reassuring at the same time," Sheen responded to his daughter's text. Lily fired back that she'd wanted Caius, prompting Beckinsale to quip, "I don't want you to be mine [baby daddy] either." Sheen's reply: "Too bloody late madam!" Indeed. Also, why rob us of the most entertaining modern family of all time?

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