5 Fashion Week Trends You Can Actually Shop Now

With all this season's buzz around "see now, buy now" shows (everyone from Tibi to Moschino is drinking the Kool-Aid), it seems we're getting that much closer to being able to actually purchase clothes as soon as we see them on the runway, rather than waiting six months for them to hit stores.
The funny thing is, even designers who haven't jumped on board are still touching upon trends you can already find in stores — all you have to know is what to look for. To get way ahead of the curve, we scoured the runways (as well as our favorite shops) to find the five styles you can get your hands on ASAP. Using Fashion Week as inspiration, we're ready to go bigger with our earrings, sheerer with our dresses, and so much more before spring 2017 even hits. Click on for a different kind of "see now, buy now," because there's nothing more satisfying than being an early adopter.