ASOS Thinks You Want To Wear Dinosaur Tails Now

Photo: ASOS.
Dinosaur tails are the hottest things in fashion right now. At least, according to ASOS. As Hello Giggles points out, the website is now selling dinosaur tails that you can wear to accessorize any outfit. The $40 velvet tail comes in black scales or the "Shinosaur" bright green, which looks like a small dinosaur's tail. (Let's say a baby stegosaurus.) The strap-on tails, according to the site, are perfect festival accessories or novelty gifts. Not to mention, a way to unleash your inner animal on the world. Dinosaurs not your thing? They're also selling wolf tails, leopard tails, and fox ones too. Most people are just plain confused on why the site is selling these, tweeting, "Why does ASOS think I want/need a dinosaur tail?"
The truth is, this isn't the first time ASOS has thought you may have wanted something kind of weird. Two years ago, Buzzfeed even did a whole list of the craziest things ASOS has sold; the things they say "went way too far." In 2014, ASOS left people scratching their heads with this Christmas tree onesie. Remember the Linda Farrow Mirrored Heart sunglasses that basically protected your whole face from the sun? Or what about those freshly manicured hand sunglasses that no one was quite sure what they did? All of these things left people saying "WTF." But whether you love or loathe these looks, the joke is really on all of us, since the TellTails dinosaur tail is currently out of stock.

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