30 #FBF VMA Looks That We’re Forcing You To Remember

Photo: Getty Images.
Every year, the MTV Video Music Awards turns out some of the most extra looks, ones that are hard to forget. We've been there for the meat dress, the nude dress, the furkini, and the pasty — but there have been some other winners that, if you really dig deep, they're just as ohmygodwhatisthat a moment as the more infamous ones. And no, we're not talking about those matchy-matchy House of Déreon ensembles that resurface every now and then.
Ahead, you'll find Macy Gray promoting her album in the best way, Lindsay Lohan pre-Speak era, and a gratuitous Tila Tequila moment (because the '00s were a weird decade). Last year, artists used the show a little differently: to show some skin (we see you, Miley), squad up (you know who you are), and make a social statement (all hail pals Amber Rose and Blac Chyna). Fashion, unsurprisingly, was the common thread in how all those things were accomplished. Before Sunday's show, let's take a look at those stars and their outfits who walked the VMA red carpets many moon-men ago.

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