This Instagram Account Solves A Major Beauty Frustration

Photo: Via @willitlookgoodonmetho.
It's a tale as old as time: Your bestie walks into the party wearing a new hot-orange lipstick that brightens her face and brings out the highlights in her hair, and looks so damn cool with that purple dress. You have to try it, obviously. But when you bring it into the bathroom, it's all wrong, and you have the sudden urge to run out for Crest Whitestrips. How can a shade be so unpredictable? Well, two very smart friends with different skin tones are using Instagram to tackle the question — one selfie at a time.
Piaget “Pia” Ventus, a New York-based actress, is Black with dark hair. Michelle Meredith, an actress and curve model, is fair-skinned and freckled with strawberry-blond hair. Together, they post photos to their account, “will it look good on me tho,” to show how a single shade of lipstick looks on both dark and light skin tones.
They feature classic reds and nudes, as well as more unconventional colors, like kale-green, violet, and navy-blue. And — bonus! — most of the shades are from affordable brands. The photos come with witty commentary (“I feel like we're taking promotional photos for a straight-to-video teen movie we made in 2002,” notes Michelle in the caption for a picture in which the women wear Blair Waldorf-style headbands), show inspiring hairstyles the women do themselves, and always portray just how wearable (or unwearable) a certain lip color can be when it's actually on.
We’re crushing hard, and after scrolling through this account, you will, too. Sure, the concept could benefit from the addition of a few more skin tones — but while we give Pia and Meredith time to round up some other friends, check out their best shots ahead.

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