Let Simone Biles Teach You How To Stack Gold Medals

Simone Biles our new Olympic hero. She took home four gold medals and a single bronze and served as flag bearer in the epic closing ceremony. So it's only natural that she get a little social media gold to go along with her IRL prizes. She did so in an image that will instantly go down as iconic.
That's impeccable medal-stacking technique. All four fanning out behind a single one like in a military march. Who could teach her such flawless medal stacking? The only answer: Phelps.
That's right. Phelps has been in his fair share of torch-passing moments this Olympiad, including an amazing photo alongside Katie Ledecky that recreated their moment from years earlier. Phelps must have taught her to medal stack during this Sports Illustrated cover shoot, in which Ledecky showed off some pretty good medal stacking of her own.

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While at least half of us will never need to know the proper technique for stacking multiple Olympic golds while wearing them, it's nice of Michael Phelps to teach Simone. And nice of her, in turn, to teach us.

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