A Woman Gave Birth On A Plane & Her Baby Got ALL The Miles

It seems like a lot of significant life events have been happening on airplanes lately. With summer being such a popular time for travel, it makes sense. But this story might take the cake. Two months before her October due date, a woman went into labor aboard a Cebu Pacific Air flight from Dubai to Philippines. A passenger seated near the new mother chronicled the unlikely event on Facebook. According to the post, the woman, who was traveling with her mother, started having contractions about five hours into the flight. Pretty scary, right? The crew sprung into action, asking if any medical personnel were aboard. Fortunately, there were two nurses aboard who were more than willing to help. The woman — who was crowning at this point — was moved to a private and more spacious area of the plane. After what seemed to the bystander to be a relatively short and uncomplicated labor, a healthy baby girl was born. An emergency landing in India was made to ensure that both mother and baby were okay. Travel + Leisure reported that following the birth, Cebu Pacific Air granted free flights for life to the baby. (Though the original eyewitness says it's actually a million airline points, not free lifetime airfare, which sounds slightly less generous). Either way, it looks like this kid has a life full of adventure ahead of her. Congrats to the new mom. What a trooper.

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